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Ultratop Dance After Recordings V-Roy Nick Van Roey

Driven and inspired by the powerful bass and full-throated melodies of today’s very best progressive trance music, Nick Van Roey, also known as “V-Roy”, has been making waves throughout the EDM music scene with his captivating tracks and unique ability to take listeners on a truly unforgettable journey. His remixes have been recognized by the world’s top electronic music artist, DJ Tiesto, and his work has been featured among the industry’s most forward-thinking dance labels such as Bonzai Records (Belgium) and Black Hole Recordings (Netherlands). Now, he’s taking things the next level with his record label, After Recordings, which will feature his original productions, remixes, and mastering work alongside highly talented electronic music artists from around the world.

From just the age 12, Nick was experimenting with expressing himself through the joy and magic of electronic music, developing a passion that would remain and grow with him as he entered into adulthood. Today, he’s proud to stand at the forefront of a large collection of high-quality releases that exhibit a wide variety of styles and has helped him to craft an original and eclectic sound of his own. Those familiar with other well-known trance artists and labels such as Above & Beyond, DJ Tiesto, Amin van Buuren, or Anjunabeats will appreciate V-Roy’s ability to allow his music to unfold in a subtle yet relentless way, touching upon all the trademark elements that have made trance music such a beloved and sought-after phenomena in the first place.

Building upon V-Roy’s previous success, After Recordings looks to pave new roads by cultivating creative relationships and bringing fresh and exciting new talent to light. V-Roy has had previous experience working with record labels such as Actuate and Camouflage, and knows how to craft masterful tracks that people genuinely love to hear. Nick Van Roey gained early experience sharing his music on MySpace, and today has put his music on YouTube that has earned over 100,000 views for his video. After signing a record deal with Actuate Recordings in March of 2008 at just the age of 14, Nick went on to release “Dreamcatcher”, “Things Will Never Change”, and “Sweet Madness” that showcase his progression and amazing level of talent as a very capable producer and composer.

Today, V-Roy is far from a beginner to the electronic music scene, having worked in tandem with gold-status Belgian artist Fiocco and highly-accomplished producer, Airwave. His skills have made him sought-after by acclaimed and like-minded electronic musicians, including Kamaya Painters and Dovebeat. Building upon these invaluable and instructive experiences, V-Roy now hopes elevate his record label, “After Recordings”, by continuing the evolutionary creative process and forging new relationships that bring expressive and sincere new music to friends and followers everywhere. Making music that leaves listeners satisfied and evokes a sense of meaning and wonder has always been the driving force behind V-Roy’s music, and After Recordings seeks to continue that legacy by celebrating the beauty and power of the music that’s led him to this point.

After Recordings also invites newcomers to the world of trance and electronic music to experience for themselves how amazing it can be. A true artist at heart, V-Roy isn’t content with making boring or stagnant tracks, but rather uses every single aspect of his music, from the bass and tempo, to highs and lows that will have the listener feeling spiritually uplifted and closer to bliss. The creative process is always the passion that fuels the top producers in the industry, remixing old tracks to breathe new life into them and manifesting sounds that can only begin deep within the realm of imagination.

Nick Van Roey finds a special joy in making music for and with different artists from around the world, helping them to make progress in their endeavors and drawing upon one-another’s perspectives and originality. The path of an electronic music artist is a continual journey, and having the ability to share that journey with fans, fellow enthusiasts, and other artists is what makes the process so in increditby special. Making use of various techniques and styles from turntables and mixers to synths and even vinyl, the time spent within these different mediums has also contributed to V-Roy’s overall capability as an artist. After Recordings is the vehicle to help further his development and provide a platform for reaching out to DJs, producers, venues, and promotional organizations for mutual benefit, and to help spread the love and joy of truly great electronic music.

Breaking new ground, finding inspiration, and drawing closer to one-another as a global music community – those are the things that After Recordings stands for, and strives to put these ideals at the forefront of everything that we do. Whether an artist is just beginning to reach new heights or is a recognized and established name in the industry, After Recordings invites them to utilize their talents to create highly enjoyable and stunning new music together. By reaching out and finding new opportunities where they exist, After Recordings hopes to bring lovers and makers of great music everywhere under the single cause of making it even better, day after day. Being not just a producer but an avid listener, fan, and enthusiast in his own right, V-Roy admires artists and music makers who come from a wide variety of backgrounds and musical genres.

Today’s world is more ready than ever to experience great trance and electronic music that pushes the boundaries and leaves people with a sensation that can’t be found anywhere else. After Recordings stands at the precipice of this movement, rooted in a passion for crafting unique sounds and drawing upon the knowledge and experience that we’ve gained along the way. Truly great music knows no boundaries, and the dedicated minds behind After Recordings look forward to collaborating with people from every walk of life and area of the globe. If you’d like to stay tuned with everything that After Recordings is up to, make sure to keep up to date with all of our most recent releases, and follow us on our social media channels as well as our website!